School Series: Revision with Flashcards

According to my school there’s approximately 95 school days until the first GCSE exams – which in most people’s opinion is quite a while away – but in my opinion it’s pretty soon. But then again it’s better to start revision early than being a fatalistic individual leaving it to the last minute! 

Today, I will be talking/writing about one of the ways in which I revise, and that is through… FLASHCARDS! 

Flashcards or index cards are useful tools for revising – especially if you’re doing an essay subject or language where definitions are vital in your learning the subject. 

I bet you’ve already read people raving about how good flashcards are for revising, etc etc… But I’m just gonna say it again – they’re pretty useful. So here’s a little list of things you can use them for:

– Flashcards are always useful when revising definitions! It’s like a way of testing yourself on whether you remember the meaning of the word and we all know there is always a chance that an exam paper will as some form definition for a word! What you can do is write the word down on one side and the definition of the word on the other (but I bet I didn’t have to tell you that)

Essay paragraphs – so this is something that I used for my philosophy and ethics a levels, I made pre-prepares paragraphs for each of the topics which I can memorise and have on me on the ready to revise from on the go. These are helpful because it’s kind of just memorising something that you can regurgitate afterwards on the exam – it’s only a matter of changing bits and prices to relate it to the question really. 

Summaries – I find using Flashcards very useful when you’re intending to summarise a topic or your notes – limit yourself to one index card per topic and see how much you can summarise it into its bare minimum and important points. So it’s always handy to rewrite your notes as summaries on flashcards! 

And that is all for now! Tell me what you would like to know about how I study and for tips and such on the comments! 


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