Would you rather: buy an e-book or a book? 

Now here’s something that I want to ask everyone out there who loves books as much as I do! 

Would you rather buy the e-book version of the book or the physical version of the book? 

Now I myself is all for the physical book itself – there’s nothing like having to flick through the pages and being able to smell the book as you read along (raise your hands if you sniff the book 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻) 

I like buying books from a bookstore and being able to feel their spines, and the pages and the words as I read them – to physically touch the words as they form on the pages and being able to keep them in a bookshelf where I put them after I finish them and admire their beauty as they sit there collecting dust until the moment I decide that I shall be reading them again. 

I just like having things to hold onto – and e-books don’t give me that satisfaction of being able to feel the spine of a book, or touching the pages without accidentally going to the next page or eyes hurting because I’ve spent too much time on my phone. There’s no comfort in reading through a screen – it feels rather impersonal and doesn’t really feel right to me. 

But saying that, I do own a couple of e-books, and quite literally just a couple. I don’t plan on buying more and I do plan on getting the physical copy of the books soon because, like I said I like having a physical object to hold onto.

But, e-books have their perks too. You can carry the books around with you anytime, anywhere without your bag feeling a million tonnes, then there’s also the fact the you can read in bed at night without the hassle of using the light etc. 

So what about you? 

Would you rather buy the less expensive ebook or the physical (albeit a little more expensive) book? 


4 thoughts on “Would you rather: buy an e-book or a book? 

  1. honestly, it depends on the price difference and on the genre. If it’s fantasy, I always got for physical copy. If it’s romance/NA/YA I might check the price of the ebook, if it’s less than 5$ and the physical copy is MUCH more expensive, then yes, ebook it is… (unless the cover is totally gorgeous, in that case this theory flies out the window)

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