The world we live in,

What kind of world do we live in? 

We live in a violent world, that’s what I think. There is nowhere safe. And it’s heartbreaking when you realise this. 

Everyday in the news I read something about violence, violence in terms of war, politics, social, terrorism etc. etc. there’s so much on the news I can’t keep track of them all. Last week was the plane crash over the Sinai peninsula, and yesterday it was the Paris Massacre.

Last Friday – 13th of November,2015 more than 100 people fell victim of a terrorist attack(s) in Paris, and my hear goes to all those who have lost a loved one and those who have witnessed the whole thing. I may not know what it feels like but I can empathise with you, I am sorry for your loss. 

There’s so much violence in our world, so much that it leads to the lost of lives of innocent civilians – and there’s nothing we can do about it, we can try and prevent it, but prevent it as we may there will always be violence. 

I pray for  the safety of everyone, not just those who are in Paris – but for the everyone who lives in constant threat, those who live comfortably in their houses, for those experiencing extreme calamities, for those who are suffering from terminal diseases, suffering from mental illness, for those who are poor and for those who are rich, for the refugees fleeing their war torn countries. My heart aches for all of you. 


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