Story #1 – An Attempt to Write One

The weather couldn’t have been any worse, with the heavy rain and the cold gust of wind everything looked and felt dreary – not to mention wet. But I don’t mind it, the sound of the wind and the pelting rain soothes me, it keeps me relaxed and at peace.

Sitting by the window in a café drinking coffee while watching people pass by under the rain entertains me, making up stories in my head about these people. There are so many stories out there, behind closed doors and open spaces there are stories unfolding right before our eyes and out of sight. It amazes me how many untold stories there are and will remain that way.

“What are you staring at?” my friend asked brining me out of my thoughts, his eyes focused outside trying to figure out what caught my attention.

Taking a sip from my cup, making myself more comfortable on the sofa. “Nothing in particular” I said, leaning closer towards him.

“Then pay attention… but that’s another reason why I love you”

Word Count : 175

Hey there guys,

It has been a while since I have posted something – I should start making drafts and schedule contents, but it’s so hard when I have so many things going on with school!

This was an attempt to write a story- but I don’t think I did it successfully. I’ve never been the creative writing type of person even when I was in school – it’s not my strongest suit (actually I don’t think it’s in my trade at all) I’m more of an essay writing kind of person – you know analysing and evaluating kind of writing. But anyhow, this is written for Writing101 Days 10 and 12, I decided to mix them together because, why not? I’ve been stuck with Day 10 on what to write, but after reading today’s task I came up with a 175 word story, and attempted to relate it with Day 10’s task. So Here’s what I came up with.

Thank you for reading!


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