Writing it all down

I still consider myself a newbie when it comes to blogging, because I still have lot to learn. But that’s not what I am writing about, I’m sharing with you guys the space where I like to write!

Normally, I would write down all of my ideas down on my little black notebook! Here I will write rough drafts of what I will be posting and that has become a habit now. Then, I would type it all up on my laptop, directly on to wordpress, making sure to proof read it afterwards!

It’s all about the space!

Now I don’t have any special place where I can write down all of my ideas. I could probably write anywhere anytime, so long as I have something in mind or am inspired to write, then I do it.

However, I do have a work table, and I spend most of my time at home there – it isn’t exactly in a really quiet place in the house – actually it’s in the busiest place possible – the lounge, and therefore I suppose my ideal place to write would be where there is sound, I have to have a little bit of a background noise when I am working, otherwise I feel like I’m in an exam hall for some reason. That makes me shiver just thinking about exams!

The perks of having my ‘work station’ in the lounge is that, I get a nice view of the outside world – since my table is near the window/door to the veranda(or balcony), and I get distracted by the sky or my neighbours gardens haha! *sweat drops*

Then, there are times when I am in school where phones are prohibited and wordpress is blocked from the school computers – I go old school and write down all of my ideas and rough drafts on my little black notebook! Teachers even come up to me and tell me how diligent I am with studying, making notes and such – little do they know I am actually writing down notes for my next blog entry muwahahahah*cough*

Or when I’m on the bus, I use my phone – specifically the OneNote app – since it’s synced to my computer – then all I have to do is proofread it copy and paste! all done!

To be honest, I can just write wherever I am and it wouldn’t make a difference I think, as long as I am inspired or dedicated I will be able to write where I am standing there and then.

Writing habits and supplies

Hmmm, let me think for a moment – I think one of my writing habits is that, I tend to write the way how I would speak to a person, quite informal but can be formal when the time calls for it. I tend to write things down on post-it notes and use those as ideas for the blog post – or what I can add to a post or something… normally I just jot down what’s on my mind! Especially when I am on the zone of writing, I just go asdfghjkl and word vomit everywhere. Hence, the ramblings and repetitiveness of my points and whatnot.

As for supplies:

  1. I have a black notebook – which I purchased from Asda for £3 (or was it £4? IDK) where like I said earlier, just jot my thought down or write my first rough drafts in.
  2. Post it notes – because what is a stationery set without them, but anyway – they’re just handy when you suddenly have an idea pop out of your pretty little head and you just have to remember it!
  3. a ball-point pen, a writing utensil – I wish I had a quill though, that would be really cool. None of those fake quill pens with a ballpoint pen stuck at the end of the feather, I want the authentic one, the one where you constantly dip the nib in to the ink pot! I need to find me one of those!
  4. A laptop – the essential medium for writing in the modern world in order for your word to get across the continents and for the lovely readers to read 😘
  5. WordPress app on your phone – just in case you really want to post something but your laptop just died and you’re on the go!
  6. Phone – don’t care if it’s an iOS of and Android so long as you can use it to take pictures and take notes on! Operating Systems are not important!
  7. Food and Drinks – because you always need energy boost no matter what you are doing… I am currently having a brioche with soft cheese spread and ham – it’s basically a sandwich but with a brioche!

And I think that’s all I have, not very structured post – but like I said, I kind of tend to ramble on and on and not realize how much I have written, but I kind of like sharing my ramblings so here it is! (along with a poll teehee)


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