Quoting Peter Pan

Never say goodbye, because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting

Possibly my favourite quote ever – and every single time that I read it I can’t help but tear up because it just strike me so hard. This is going to be a much more structured blog entry than the one before, because this has been sitting on my draft box for quite a while, and I would like to share it to everyone.

It never is easy to say ‘goodbye’ to someone (or in some cases some thing), because we know that saying goodbye is like a final farewell, like you’re moving on and leaving people behind and like you’re never going to see them again. But I suppose, that all depends on a person, on how they interpret the word. However, to me it is such a sad word – I’m not sure if that’s the right word to use, but I can’t explain it. For me ‘goodbye’ seems to be marking the end of something, and that it is definite and it somehow feels like it is going to be permanent.

However, I know that there are times where we must say ‘goodbye’ – to places, to people, to memories or to things in general. It is kind of hard to avoid saying, no matter how much we want to avoid it, and one too many times when we do say it out loud it either hurts us (in a devastating way) or e us and we sigh ‘good riddance’. After that, we go away or move on from that event – to try to forget.

Then there is the case of forgetting! It’s one of the things that is so much harder to do, and sometimes it seems like we forget without meaning to. Sometimes when we say goodbye, we keep fond memories – however once we’ve moved away we forget, we forget and it’s frustrating.

I know I have experienced this, I said goodbye to my best friends since I was in reception/kindergarten when we were in year 5 as she moved to another country – and after that we never got connected again, I don’t know if she still remembers me or no longer does and that still stings and hurts. Then, there’s also the time when it was my turn to move, and everyone that I’ve grown up with – classmates and friends, seems to have forgotten about me… I tried contacting them, but I only ever got replies after weeks or months and after I replied nothing. It’s hard – and slowly you start to forget, and once you find yourself forgetting you panic and look for any thing to remind you of something… anything.

That’s why writing things down, taking pictures, video recording, anything that allows us to never forget is important – to me that is. I try to take pictures and videos of gatherings and people I am close with, or I write the things that has happened. Does it help? I think so.

I’m not very good with ‘goodbyes’, so please don’t ever say ‘goodbye’ with the intention of never seeing me again, I won’t be able to handle it. So when you go, ‘see you later’ would be better, and promise you’ll visit or write to me, because I don’t want to forget about you and you to forget about me.

I was going to write this as a letter, but I think it’s okay this way.

I hope you liked this post, and would like for your feedbacks.


6 thoughts on “Quoting Peter Pan

  1. I have to agree. ‘Goodbye’ has a finality to it that is sad. And taking pictures is a great way to help remember things. Music too. Always play music during the moments you want to remember, it seems easier to retain the memory that way. Nice post, made me think 😊😀

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