We’re learning…

It’s true, what EJ Koh claimed – that we spend all this time in education, and yet we learn absolutely nothing, but then again we’ve also learnt everything – from our history, the sciences/mathematics/computing/IT (albeit you won’t need it unless you’re going for a job science related), English and languages and religious studies- all of these subject we’ve studied help us integrate into society, yet they don’t provide us with the experience to work in the industry – unless you go in to ask for work experience. 

Contradictory? Yes, I know. 

Education is there because it is meant to prepare us for the “adult world” – it allows us to get the qualifications we need to get a job. To a certain extent that is also true, because some jobs require you to have had formal education. But, what school doesn’t help us with, is those skills that you actually need I’m real life – like paying taxes and mortgage and actually getting a job – by this I mean the experience to be qualified. 

So, why do we spend so much time worrying and stressing and studying for all of these qualifications only to realise that we actually learn absolutely nothing?

Because it’s what we are told to do – society is meritocratic – we are told by working hard in our studies we will surely get a great job, simple as – we simply do what we are told. It’s the norm. 

I feel like I’m just rambling now – I mean, we spend so much time in studying algebra and trig in our maths lessons, but we’ll never actually use them in real life are we?  Well, unless you’re going to be a mathematician or a teacher, is our kind of mentality. But if you really think about it, maths help you in the futures the is an analytical subject so you gain that skill doing maths, you become analytical and be better at problem solving – or something. 

Therefore, it is still worth it – education that is. Even though we claim that we know nothing at all, we know a lot of things – we learn about different kinds of topics, history, politics, philosophy, sociology, the sciences – all of these makes us (in my opinion) less ignorant, it allows us to think of everything critically and help us understand the world we live in. 

I’m a teenager, and I feel like I should be ranting about how useless education really is when we actually know nothing by the end of it, but I don’t feel that way. Yes it doesn’t teach me about real life skills, but it does helpe understand other things – but I don’t know any better. I guess it’s all about perception and how you truly see the worth of education, and what it has to offer or what it doesn’t. 

I could ramble on and on, but I’m afraid that I may be boring you 😁 so I’ll end it here 

Thanks for reading guys xx 

here’s a little picture of my study session of philosophy… it’s one of my favourite subject, and i would like to think that it has made meore open minded about many many things


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