What can I write about love? 

Love comes in many shapes and forms. From family and friends, to romantic kind of love – or simply just a deep affection for something. 

I can’t really write anything about romantic love, since I’ve never actually experienced it – yes I’ve had crushes (and possibly fallen in and out of love with one of my crushes) but, I can’t really write much about how that felt. 

While in terms of family and friends, for me the love I feel about these groups of people that I feel comfortable with and feel contended and happy and just simply the sense of belonging…  I love the most, and there is no doubt about that, because they are the most important people in my life – and even if we’re apart they’ll always be in my heart. 

Now, onto the less serious stuff that I can relate to the topic of love

  1. Non-existent love life
  2. My love for sleep
  3. Falling in love with a fictional character 
  4. Books
  5. Food
  6. Reese’s peanut butter cup

Why not all of the above!!! Let’s start with the love of my life… peanut butter cups!!

Reese’s peanut butter cups!

Why do I love this brand of chocolate? Simple, because it has peanut butter and chocolate! Who doesn’t love preanut butter or chocolate? 

Of course, unless you’re allergic – then I’m sorry you’re missing out 😔 

My non-existent love life

It’s just that, it’s non-existent. End of. Hahahahah, I’m so lonely 

While we’re on the topic of love life… Falling in love with fictional characters!

Why oh why does it always happen to me? I’m reading a book and then boom I’m falling for a fictional character? Why are they so lovable, and why are guys in real life not like these characters – I’m probably doing something wrong. *sigh* so lonely… (I have a feeling I’m going to regret posting this online 😂) 

My love of sleep

😍😍😍😍 need I say more? I have no words to describe how I truly feel, there are no words! 

Naps too! I love it so much, especially after school 😱👌👌


Enough said… Food is just 👌 and I can’t express how much I love food, I even binge sometimes – but that’s not really healthy 😅


Saving the best for last! Books are the most amazing things that I have ever encountered. I love them. Not only do you read about history, philosophy, science and general knowledge – but also worlds you can never imagine – live in an adventure even without being physically there! If anyone asks me what I want for a present for Christmas ory birthday, then it would books all the way! 

 Here’s a completely irrelevant picture, but I really like this picture so I would like to share it with you guys xxx

here’s a picture of the view of the City of London from London Eye



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