Things I Like

Hola! Hey, guys!

So, here I am (after-school) writing the things that I like, it’s for Writing101 – but I have had this post on my drafts for quite a while. Sharing is caring, and this may end up like a long list, but please bear with me 🙂


there is no doubt in my head that books are the love of my life, and they are not just something that I “like” I adore them – if I could I would probably marry books, but we all know how crazy of an idea that is. Lately, I’ve been going on a spending spree buying books, I need to be stopped otherwise the flat is going to look like a library.


Food/Going for meals with friends or family

who doesn’t like food, I tend to go all out buying food (and books) and would go with friends to restaurants and eat – ah, just the thought of food makes me happy – and hungry. Going out for meals with the friends(or family) are just brilliant, because you get to enjoy your favourite people’s company as well as yummy and delicious food!


My iPhone

it’s basically my life, it has all of my pictures, apps that I cannot live without (i.e. iBooks/Kindle, Wattpad and Spotify) and of course social media (although I don’t use it that often), also WordPress and Onenote/Pages – you get the picture, thee days rarely anyone can live without their phones

Cooking and Baking

it just runs in the blood – my grandparents loves cooking, my mother loves baking and I love both!


any form of studying – from academic or for the sole purpose of knowing more about blogging or technology in general, I would study the eff out of it! I’m like a bookworm/nerd kind of girl, so you could imagine my social life. Kidding, I do have a social life, I just like studying – it’s the Asian in me, and I am Asian so… living the stereotype 😂😜


notebooks, post-its, cue cards, pens and pencils – you name it, I’ve probably got it. I just love stationery and buying them! If I had all the money in the world I would divide it into 3 parts and buy food, books and stationery with those – 1/3 of the money assigned to each!


writing is one of the joys of my life, A-Levels stressed me out so much on my first year of it, and I found that writing down how I felt or whatever was on my mind is very therapeutic and it helps get rid of any of my pessimistic shite, and reduces my anxiety just a tad bit. While Blogging is just a fun way of sharing stuff to people around the world!

The sound of rain/waves

ahh, they’re just soothing to listen to… the perks of living in England (where it always rains) and by the sea-side.


because history is just fun, and looking at the things that used to roam the earth freely and such. And my God! The art – you can see how art has evolved, and SCIENCE! It’s amazing, just… I love museums, and I’ve made it my quest to visit all of the museums (at least around in the UK, and then the world!)


Music and Art

because life is meaningless without art and music… “Earth without art is just eh” after all – not sure where I heard that from, but it’s very true.

and there we have it, 10 or so things that I like – or completely adore.

So tell me, what do you like?


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