Going places.

I’ve lived in England for more than 5 years, and still I haven’t travelled to most of the landmark places. So for my 18th birthday – I requested from my parents if we could just go to two of the town/cities I really want to visit… and that is Brighton, and of course, London (well the parts of London I haven’t gone to)

Brighton was such a great place and I enjoyed the short amount of time that I was there… I still need to visit so many places in Brighton – Didn’t have enough time in the day to actually visit all of the places that I wanted to visit, like the North Laines and the Marina, and the Pier – I need to go inside the pier!!!

Streets of Brighton

Streets of Brighton

Walking down the narrow  Lanes of Brighton

Walking down the narrow Lanes of Brighton

I did manage to walk around a little bit around the beach, and enjoyed the sun whilst it was out. Went to some really cool shops by the sea-side, and went to the busy narrow streets of The Lanes. I wish I had stayed overnight in Brighton and enjoyed more of the town. Next time, I’ll make sure that I will have more time in my hands. Brighton is such a beautiful place, and I really really want to go back there again! There’s so much to see but so little time in my hands.ย IMG_5448-0 IMG_5439-0

The next destination was, ย London! I’ve been to London quite a lot, and I have been to most of the landmarks in London, like Trafalgar Square most of the museums be it the national gallery, portrait, science and finally, I finally managed to finish the Natural History Museum! I’ve also been to the London eye, London sea life, the Tower Bridge, Windsor Castle. But, I there are still so many places I have to go to. London may seem like a small place but, there are a thousand places that you have to visit, different parts of London – not just central but also Greater London. I enjoyed the past week so much going places with my family.

I will update this post on a later date so that I could include other pictures from my trip as well. Sharing is caring afterall, ๐Ÿ˜‰

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Inside the Natural History Museum

Inside the Natural History Museum… There were so many people!!

There are still so many places I have yet to see and visit! Suggestions would be appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚


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