“Organised home/bedroom, organised mind”

Mother always keeps on quoting the quote above during my exams, because I can’t keep anything organised at all. Organising isn’t my strongest suite, and when asked which is in bits and pieces – my desktop/home screen or my bedroom – the answer is most definitely going to be my…. BEDROOM!! No matter how much I try to clean or organise my bedroom, within a second of it looking even remotely tidy or organised it’s all a mess again…

How did it get to that state? I live there… that’s all there is to it, it is my bedroom and I’m a messy person so no matter how hard anyone (be it me or my mother) try to clean it up and get it organised it is forever doomed to be messy. I’m a stationery hoarder, I have a lot of pieces of paper, notebooks an assortment of pens and pencils, books – just books everywhere, and it drives my family mad! And it is all of these items that keep my room messy and disorganised – no matter how much storage and shelving my parents buy me or I buy… there’s nothing that can hold me hoards of stationery.

But who doesn’t love buying stationery though????? Like, new notebooks, pens, papers etc.

I even keep gift wrappers that I like just because of the fact that it’s pretty or I like the patterns and whatnot.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sweeping Motions.”


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