The Wishing Well… or Fountain

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Three Coins in the Fountain.”

I’ve certainly wished on a wishing well… er fountain before! I have thrown copious amounts of pennies in the water in the hopes that my wishes will come true!!

The picture above is one of my many wishes being granted 😊. Why would a sunflower be one of her wishes? You might be asking, well it isn’t the sunflower itself you see… It’s the fact that I managed to make a plant flower!! Or actually live more than a few days… 😁

You see when I was still a wee little girl, I used to admire my grandmother’s garden, because she could basically grow anything, so I begged my parents if I could have my own patch of land in our garden so that I could plant my own plants… Flowers, vegetables, fruits! Anything! And I wished and prayed that I will succeed in growing plants and then I’ll have pretty flowers and yummy vegetables grown by me! I was so excited that I even asked people at the garden centre how to do it (I was also around 6, 8 years old, maybe)! I was just so excited!!

But alas, 😔 the plants never even lived a full week… I didn’t have a green thumb and every plant that I try to grow just… Withers and dies, and it’s always a sad sight… So I’ve given up. Never watered a plant after that, UNTIL last month… When I decided to give it another go, and voila a month later I have a sunflower plant that is ALIVEEEEE!!!

And I’ve wished and prayed that at least one plant should be able to survive my cursed hands (or is it thumb since they call it a “green thumb”, I don’t know), and here is that said plant! You have no idea how happy it makes me!

And there is how the coin I threw in into a fountain/wishing well, and got (at least) one of my wishes.


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