The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu – Book Reviews

“He is Day, the boy who walks in the light.”

“She is June, the girl who seeks her brother’s killer.”

On the run and undercover, they meet by chance.

Irresistibly drawn together neither knows the other’s past.

But Day murdered June’s Brother and she has sworn to avenge his death…


Where do I start…? This book series is something that I have enjoyed reading, although it has been quite a while since I’ve read them. But what I do know is that they have been an amazing read.

My initial though when I received these books for Christmas was that… “It’s going to be like Hunger Games, and I wouldn’t like it at all because it will be too similar” But how wrong I was. Although they are both based in a fictional dystopian future, they are two completely different books! Legend has its own amazing plot, some parts may seem similar, but that’s okay because it’s only minimal in my opinion.

The characters are unique in their own way, and once you start reading you just can’t stop. Well, I couldn’t, some people may have other opinions on that, but that’s okay.

The book basically has two stories, Day’s and June’s.

June is from the better end of the social spectrum, she’s the Republic’s prodigy ever since she scored a perfect score on the trials, her parents died in a car crash and her brother Metias’ is left to take care of her.

While Day is on the completely opposite side of the spectrum, he is an outcast, the #1 most wanted criminal and terrorist of the republic. He was unstoppable, but he also had his weakness -the family he left behind, the family who thought he was dead, except for his older brother, he would do anything and everything for them and this was seen especially when their door was marked with a red X which indicates that they are infected by the plague, and will eventually all die. Day goes on the hunt for the cure, and nothing will get in his way – even Metias.

Day has become the prime suspect for the death of Metias when he broke into the hospital to get the cure, and when Metias was on duty guarding the medicine. This incident is what brought the two together, Day and June that is. As you read the books, you become immersed in their lives and you start to want to learn more about their pasts and what really is going on. Along with June and Day, you learn more about the truth, and who really is the enemy. You experience the pain they experience, you fall in love with them, and so on.

I really like all of the characters, well how they were written anyway since I thought they were written quite realistically and were believable individuals. The emotions were conveyed perfectly, and you can just feel what the characters are feeling (for me anyway).

In most books, secondary characters do not play much of an important role, sometimes they seem to be just there to fill in a gap. But on this book, that is not the case… Characters like John, at first seem to only provide a small connection with Day, since he is the only one in their family to know he is really alive, but later on in the book he becomes so much more than that, and he really is an amazing character in his own rights. Tess will also play a much more important role later on in the series, and even Kaede. All these characters are essential part o the story in order for there to be a story.

As you read the books, you become attached to characters! I enjoyed reading this book series so much and will be reading them again in the future. 🙂


I highly recommend this book to anyone who are into the dystopian genre, and for fans of the Hunger Games and Divergent (this is on my reading list… I know, I know How come I haven’t read them yet!!!?) 

If you’ve already read it, please leave a comment below and tell me what you thought about it?


3 thoughts on “The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu – Book Reviews

  1. I stayed away from this book series due to dystopia burnout, but your review makes it sound excellent. I also love Marie Lu and the work she does promoting diversity in fiction!

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