Four years gone…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “From You to You.”

This has some personal content…

Dear fourteen-year-old me,

Life isn’t any better, we’re turning 18 soon, and we still have no idea what to do. I know that you wanted to have a ‘debut‘ and a ball, with all the gowns and tux and that kind of stuff. But, we’ve decided that it’s going to be like any ordinary birthday you have had, that there’s no need for something grand to celebrate your 18th. So, there’s that.

You’re still single… yup. That’s that. But don’t rush it, high school isn’t all about relationships – although it would have been an experience, but focus on your studies because their much more important. You also have amazing friends who care about you – although you very rarely see them outside of school, they try hard to include you in events and their shenanigans even though majority of the time you are not allowed to go. But it’s the thought that counts. You had a falling out with the person you thought was your best friend – but in the end, she wasn’t really that, but you learn to accept it and you just put it to the back of your mind.

School is going great for you – I mean you got excellent GCSE grades, all of them A’s and A*s, so you should be proud of yourself and pat yourself in the back for putting on all the effort you did revising all those nights. But A-Levels sucks, well not so much, but we so heartbroken and disappointed with ourselves when we got our AS results back because we didn’t think it was going to be that bad. But we’re slowly getting over that traumatising event. Then, next week we have our A-Levels results, and I’m hoping for our sake that we have passed them this time.

You have had so many changes in career goals – you wanted to be a teacher, then a nurse and then an architect, or an interior designer, and then a lawyer, and then once you entered year 11 you’ve decided you actually wanted to do medicine as a career path. But it wasn’t meant to be, and we learnt it the hard way – we cried for days and days, but we managed to get past it. You’ll have another chance if you really want to become a doctor. But as of now, I really want us to go to University and study Philosophy – because I find it really interesting and it is something that we have become so passionate about in less than a year of study. Eventually, I think we’re going on to become a teacher – or maybe law – but who knows? But for now, we have to wait another 2 years before we can go to Uni.

Four years might be a long time, but it’s no time at all, I would give you some life advise, though. You should join an afterschool club – I know that you really want to join the badminton club, so go for it. I regretted not doing so. Socialise more, go out with your friends – ask them if they want to do anything… I mean it, because sometimes you have to take the initiative to arrange something – your friends, they’re all going to Uni now, and I regret not spending much time with them. I really do miss them, but I do suck at keeping in contact with them – even though I kept on telling them to keep in contact. (I’m the worst)

What else? We’re struggling to find a job – yup, I’ve been searching for one in a long time and it just seems to not be happening, but then again everything doesn’t seem to be happening at all. Haha, anyway, I’m still optimistic, still looking for one, and hoping that before school starts I will have a part-time job.

Nothing much have changed with us really, we’re still shy around people – but once we get comfortable around them we’re quite loud and sometimes can be a little obnoxious as well. We started a blog, and here we are now… You will love it because you get to share your interest in books and food with the rest of the online community 🙂

You have become an impulsive book buyer – like seriously you go to Oxford Street in London and what shop are you looking for? Waterstones or any other bookshop there is because you’re obsessed. This is also one of the main reason as to why we’re currently looking for a part-time job, to fuel our thirst for more books!! And the reason why you’re blogging as well, haha.

We cook for the family now, like proper cuisines and not just canned foods. You can cook Chop Suey, Afritada, etc… basically most Filipino cuisines you can cook now, and we’re amazing AF – and it’s a delight especially when we hear mum say it’s really good. You’re becoming good at baking as well now, just a few moments ago you were assigned to make Dad his birthday cupcakes 😉

-sigh- I don’t think there’s anything that I could possibly tell you that you should change, actually it’s just the ones about joining school clubs and going out and enjoying life more with friends… just these two.

You’re going to be alright and I’m going to be alright. Keep being optimistic and stay positive at all times – even though when things are going wrong from what you have envisioned – because I’d like to think that it’s just fate’s way of saying “You’re going the wrong way”

Chin up and enjoy life – but also focus on your studies 😉


Seventeen-soon-to-be-Eighteen-year-old Me xxx


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