How I would spend $1 Billion Dollars

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “You’re a Winner!.”

If I ever actually won $1 Billion dollars, I know it may sound boring or stupid since I have all that money but, I would go to university and pay for all of my tuition, That wouldn’t even put a dent into the money that I would have. So, why not spend the money on my education. Then, I will also help my little brother with his education.

Then I would buy more books because books are everything to me. To some people, they may be boring and not that great, but to me they serve as an adventure to a world that only ever exists in books. They inspire me, they give me knowledge, an insight to different aspects of living. Stories teach us morals and lessons – although I think some are just rubbish and I wouldn’t even pay any mind to them.

I would then build a house for my parents, because they deserve it, as well as giving them at least $5 million. I would also probably install a library in there, with bookshelves that reach the ceiling and that’s where my books will be.

Then I would invest some of the money, maybe build a shelter for the homeless or a studio for artists and musicians, buy apartments which I could then rent out to people. I would donate some of my money to charities like Cancer Research UK and Book Trust, also charities to help the less fortunate in other countries like Africa.

I wouldn’t really waste my money on stuff that I don’t particularly need. One thing that I wouldn’t do would probably buy all the latest gadget there is… I mean, sure it would be cool to own the lastest stuff, but what would I need it for, if my phone and my laptop are still working and they still get the job done, then I will stick with them until they’re on their last legs, then would I only buy new gadgets.

If I still have any money left after all of this, I would put the money in a saving account – just in case, I would need it in the future. I think, even with all that money, I would still be frugal about it… only spending what is necessary and never really going on full out in a shopping spree. So yeah, I will spend my money on the things that matter most to me, I won’t be that person who, since they have money, would spend it aimlessly and not looking far enough to the future to consider the way they’re spending it.

I wouldn’t quite a job just because I have this amount of money, I would still work hard and keep my job. Just because by chance that I won the local lottery and have this money I would quit my job. I mean, wouldn’t it be a waste just quitting a job that you worked so hard on to get. It’s a silly notion how people say “I have this money so I’ll quit my job!” That money that you’ve won, I don’t think it can sustain you for the rest of your life unless you’ve made a plan on how you will be spending it.

So there you go, that is how I will be spending $1 billion dollars.

_ _ _ _nielle xx


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