tis_jan – little brother’s artworks

“Spray paint is bae”  – tis_jan

My little brother has a thing for finding new hobbies, once he gets interested in something he will find a way of doing it during his own time. First he got obsessed with glitch hop, so he decided that for his 14th birthday he wants a synthesizer – and from there henceforth, the house was just filled with his (annoying, IMO) music. At this point, he decided that he wants to become sound engineer because he like (and I quote) “to control the music”

He’s right next to me at the moment, playing one of the music he made- not gonna lie, it’s actually pretty good (I know I’m also contradicting myself).

Anyway, I digress from the main point of this blog entry. Recently, he found an interest in spray painting! Between the two of us, he’s the more creative one (and hate to admit it, the smarter one as well). Here I am writing this post to share to the world his art.

This JokerThis is his first attempt at spray painting, not so bad if I say so myself for a first attemptThis Darth VaderThis Space Invader

He then followed it up with these two, Darth Vader and a Space Invader (he wanted me to tell you that this was inspired by his binder which has the same space invader on it as well).

If you want to find more of his artwork you can find him on instagram/pikore @tis_jan.


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